Henry’s Divorce Timeline

  • Nov 2011: After 2 years of struggling to engage Catherine back into a functional/happy marriage, Henry suspects that Catherine is either having an affair, or close to having an affair.
  • Jan 26, 2012: After a big drunken fight (well, Catherine was drunk anyway)  Catherine tells Henry she is unhappy and empty and “can no longer be married” to Henry. “I want passion in my life again!”
  • Fri Feb 3, 2012:  Henry has probably the 2nd worst day since the big news when the night before (Thurs) he sees Catherine hiding her cell phone activity. The next day Catherine feels guilty about hiding her phone and tells him that she was NOT texting or communicating with someone else, but merely transferring songs from her Shazam account to computer, and that her suspicious behavior is just another example of how defensive she gets thinking I’m snooping. She goes out of her way to try to reassure me that all of this is NOT bout someone else and she is not/has not been communicating with some else over this. At this point Henry 85% believes her just due to her passion and conviction, but there’s still that 15% that does not because she doesn’t have the best track record of being honest. She also tells me her cell phone code as a “sign of good will” although Henry no longer has the will to even look at it. For really, at this point… it just doesn’t matter. She’s leaving regardless.
  • Sun Feb 5, 2012: Henry (me) starts the blog you’re now reading.
  • Feb 20, 2012: Catherine agrees to stay in the marriage, albeit a new sexless marriage.
  • April 5, 2012: I sneak into her phone and discover she’s actually been having an affair since Dec 2011. After the discovery all thoughts of actually saving the marriage are now over. It’s too broken.
  • May 2012: We tell our daughters that we’re separating and that I’m moving out.
  • June 2012: Henry moves out of the house.
  • July 2012: divorce paperwork filed.
  • Nov 16, 2012: Divorce is declared final by the great state of California.

Henry’s Post-Divorce Timeline

  • Jan 2013: Henry starts dating “Johanna”
  • Jul 2013: Henry breaks up with “Johanna:

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